Simplified AI: Ultimate All-in-one AI Tool For Copywriting & Marketing

With the fast-paced digital marketing development, many AI tools have been created to simplify work-labor tasks. To run a successful business, you must stay ahead of your rivals in the technology and content you put out there to promote your services. AI-generated content has become popular and common in every industry in the past few years. Accordingly, it’s always a good idea to leave traditions and try innovative ai tools that help you boost your performance efficiently. Simplified AI writer is a fantastic tool to lean back and leave every part of content creation to it. This article is a comprehensive Simplified review that covers its features, pros, and cons. We will also take a peek at its pricing. So, come with me to learn more about this tool. 

What Is Simplified AI? 

In a nutshell, Simplified AI is an all-in-one tool that provides everything you need to create any content. In other words, it’s an AI-powered tool that helps you create tons of written content and videos for popular social media platforms and websites. Being a full-fledged tool makes it prominent from other AI writing tools. 

Moreover, this tool is a reliable AI content generator that you can use to create appealing marketing copies and promote your product.  Since it’s an AI tool, it utilizes the power of artificial intelligence based on an enormous database and gives you astonishing results. 

Let’s explore Simplified AI tool features and benefits.

An Overview of Simplified Key Features 

As a versatile tool, Simplified AI offers many practical features and simplifies the content creation process and other tasks you need to do to improve your business and rank higher on search engines

Generally, Simplified features can be categorized into three main categories, each including many offer options and functions that you can check out. 

AI Writing Generator 

Basically, you can consider Simplified AI as an AI content and copy generator. You can create interesting blog posts, ad copies, and captions your different purposes. 

In your dashboard in the AI writer section, you have access to three options: create a new document that is a blank page, use a template, or write a full blog in the blog wizard. The templates are provided for every purpose, such as email writing or other document. Therefore, when choosing a specific template, the AI is already set to write an email. You can also choose another template to continue your writing. 

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As for the blog writer, you can expect an SEO-friendly and fluently written blog that includes an outline, paragraphs, headlines, and other components of a blog post. You should write down your topic and provide a short description to start the writing process. You can also save, edit, or regenerate the paragraph or blog if you don’t like the results in the first round. 

Once you’re done creating a blog copy, you can use the plagiarism checker to ensure your text is unique and free from duplicate content. 

AI Graphic Designer 

This is one of the coolest features every AI tool can offer. This feature is an AI image generator that takes your creativity to the next level. You will have the option to generate an image based on a short description or start creating your image and post using this feature. This feature includes tools such as AI Image Generator, AI Background Remover, and Magic Resizer. You can also edit your posts and generate images to your liking. This feature is a simpler version of Photoshop that brings results quickly and easily. 

AI Video Generator and Animation Maker

An AI video generator next to other editing tools? That’s the dream! Generating videos, video scripts, and Instagram reels and rocking your business is one the best things an ai tool can do to simplify your work. The Simplified AI video generator enables you to create attractive and eye-catching videos for Instagram and other platforms. You can also edit and add copies to your video and modify it according to your needs using this tool’s features. 

AI Presentaiton Maker

Worried about your colleague or work presentation? The Simplified AI presentation maker is what you need. 

With this tool, create your presentation ten times faster and easier. It also assists you in overcoming design blockage by quickly generating presentations that include photos and prose. 

Integration with other platforms 

Another significant feature of Simplified AI is integration with Google, Grammarly, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Twitter, Linkdin, and many other platforms. This feature allows you to create your posts and schedule the timing. Moreover, Simplified provides a Google Chrome extension for easy access. 

Multi-language Support

Simplified AI writer supports over 20 languages that you can translate your text or write in your native language.

Team Collaboration 

Simplified AI is a user-friendly tool that allows you to leave comments or mention your teammates in every project. This option enhances your work and collaboration, streamlines project management easier, and increases efficiency.  

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Other Features and Tools of Simplified AI

  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Social Media Quotes Generator
  • AI Video Script Generator
  • AI Color Palette Generator
  • AI Tweet To Image Generator

Simplified AI Price: How Much Does It Cost? 

Simplified AI offers two pricing plans, including a free trial that you can offer either monthly or annually. With the free trial, you will have access to AI Writer with limited features, whereas with the Pro plan, you will have full access to all this tool’s features. For more information, check out the Simplified AI free trial

Simplified AI Price

Simplified AI Review: Pros & Cons

Simplified َAI has been making waves in the content marketing industry, so much so that many users believe it’s an extraordinary handy tool, and others may say it’s not that helpful. Let’s delve into its advantages and drawbacks. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Wide range of practical tools
  • Excellent social media post scheduling 
  • Offers free trial 


  • Basic presentation graphic 
  • Almost similar to ChatGPT
  • Limited format export 

Final Thoughts 

Simplified AI is a whole-package and rich-features AI writer, AI image generator, and video maker that saves your time and energy and brings high-quality results. You can create tons of content and ad copies for any social media platform and create other-worldly images that discriminate your brand from others. It’s quite affordable relative to the many features it offers and compared to its alternatives. Simplified AI is a practical, easy-to-use tool that definitely worths a try. 


Who uses Simplified AI?

This tool is best for content creators and marketers who need to post regularly and want to save time and energy.

Is Simplified AI free?

Yes. Although it costs only $12 monthly, you can always access a free trial.