Caktus AI Review: Is It the Best AI Education Tool?

In the last few years, different AI tools have emerged, making life easier in other areas. These tools help with automating tasks and simplifying complex work processes. Artificial intelligence has prominently taken over many fields, including marketing and copywriting. Many AI tools have been developed for students to streamline their assignments and help them learn easier and quicker. Caktus AI platform is a newly emerged AI platform that helps both students and marketing teams create outstanding essays and content.
This Caktus AI discusses its features, pricing, and benefits of using the tool. You will also find a tutorial on how to use Caktusai.

What is Caktus AI?

First and foremost, let’s get to know Caktus AI before jumping into features and prices.
It is a platform powered by artificial intelligence designed for students and content writers to improve their writing skills and help them ace their essays.
Moreover, it is an excellent assistance for students solving math problems and boosts their learning capabilities.
With the help of this tool, students can add valid citations to their essays and assignments.

How Can Students Benefit from Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is a versatile tool that provides content for various topics including Science, Technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Therefore, students can easily create an essay or article in these fields, add relevant citations, and gain academic credit.
However, the tool is not just a writing tool; it’s also a platform that offers coding and professional services.
This software is a multi-faceted tool that offers more features than many AI writing tools to the point it’s compared to ChatGPT.
While ChatGpt offers a vast database, Caktus AI Student provides users with more features than just answering questions and writing posts.

The Underlying Technology of Caktus AI: How Does it Work?

As an AI writing tool, is similar to other content generators such as Jasper and Copy AI. However, Caktus is more than just a writer; the tool offers various uses for students, and for that reason, it may be a bot different than other tools in terms of underlying algorithms. Still, since it’s using AI, it follows a set of algorithms to train the AI to generate content and writing. It also leverages the power of coding languages to help students practice their coding knowledge, preparing them for bigger projects.

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Caktus AI Core Features: What Can You Do with It?

Being a practical and rich-featured tool, Caktus AI is designed for students and teachers to use in the classroom. The tool improves productivity and elevates students’ motivation and learning abilities.

Generally, this tool creates citations, essays, notes, summaries, and creative stories. It’s also beneficial for students to improve their critical thinking and creativity. As mentioned earlier, this tool leverages the power of AI to teach students and anyone interested in different coding languages. So, it is a versatile tool best for writing, learning, and education purposes.

Moreover, the tool offers many templates for users to write anything they need, from a short paragraph to an extended essay or blog content. It also provides citations to add extra value to the essays, making them more professional and academic.

In the following, we will elaborate on Caktus AI features and benefits.

Caktus AI Writer

Imagine you’re a student, and your teacher asks you to write an essay on a specific topic in a few minutes. That’s where Caktus can help you immensely. Students can create essays inspired by Ted Talks and YouTube videos using an existing URL. Caktus homework help is a great assistant to aid students in doing their assignments quickly and productively.

Paragraph Generator

This feature of Caktus allows users to generate compelling paragraphs that convey concepts and messages in only a few lines.


Providing citations, this tool helps students and users to create more credible paragraphs and essays.


If you are concerned about AI-generated content that sounds like robots writing a text, Caktus AI writer eliminates your worry with humanized content creation. The tool generates essays, paragraphs, and content that sound more human-like, making them more influential and realistic.

Text Summarizer

This feature helps students to turn long paragraphs, stories, and text into short and sweet summaries that contain the most critical points.

Content improver

If you already have a piece of content you want to use again or make existing content more interesting, this feature rewrites the text and gives you polished, brand-new content.


Caktusai offers a wide range of coding languages for students to learn fast and effectively. These codings include:

  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Go
  • Typescript

Career-Related Writings

In this section, you can find templates for writing impressive cover letters and resumes that elevate the chances of getting hired for your desired job.

Email Writer

Being a writing assistant, Caktus ai writer can help you write impressive emails for job and academic purposes. All you need to do is provide a topic and leave the rest to the tool.

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Math & Science

Since cactus AI is an educational tool, students can rely on it to help them solve scientific problems and guide them step by step to reach the correct solution and answer. This method will improve students’ thinking processes and problem-solving skills.

Caktus AI Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Although this tool is a versatile educational platform, it offers one pricing plan that includes all the features. Caktus AI pricing plan features include:

  • Monthly Payment: $14.99/ month
  • Yearly Payment: $8.33/ month


  • Classes Helper
  • Writing Tools
  • Math & Science Tools
  • Coding Tools
  • Citation Tools
  • Conversational Tutor
  • Unlimited AI outputs
  • Studying Tools
  • Academic sources
  • Step-by-step solutions

The annual payment offers a 44% discount, which seems a better choice for students to have access to the feature throughout the year for all their assignments.

Caktus AI Login: How to Use it?

With the user-friendly interface, Caktus ai login should be a piece of cake. You can easily navigate the system and access the features and tools. Here’s how to get started with Caktusai.

  1. Go to
  2. If you already have an account, click Log in, and you will be directed to the dashboard. If you are new to this tool, join the platform by creating an account. Caktus AI sign-in requires manual username and password creation.
    Before accessing the features and dashboard, you must choose a pricing plan, provide payment information, and unlock the free trial or subscribe before using the tool. In the free trial, you can write up to 5,000 characters.
  3. Now, you can access all the features and start writing.

How to Use Caktus AI Writer?

The first thing the tool asks you in this section is your essay’s topic. There is an input field where you can enter your topic or keyword, hit the Generate button, and wait for the tool to write. The tool creates an essay or short paragraph on your topic, which can be expanded by clicking the “Write More” button. For this, you need to wait for 30 seconds for the tool to conjure up exciting words and sentences.

Once the tool is done writing, a citation selector will be presented in the editor, enabling you to choose the right citation for the essay. You can also leave the citation picking to the tool to choose the most relevant for the essay by clicking on “Auto Select.” Therefore, the essay it creates is valid, based on the URL as the resource, and adds to your academic credibility.

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How to Use the Coding Feature in Cakstus Ai?

Using this feature is simple. Once you enter the dashboard, click on the coding language you want. In the editor, you have an input field to write any topic. Then, hit the green “Create Code” button and wait for the AI to start writing the code.

Pros and Cons of Caktus AI

Like other AI tools, this tool may bring advantages and drawbacks. Exploring Caktus Ai reviews, we mention its pros and cons.


  • Human-like content and essays
  • Citations
  • Paragraph generator
  • Coding lessons
  • Summarizer
  • User-friendly
  • Mobile app
  • Affordable price


  • It might be a little slow
  • It does not contain contact info

Caktus AI Alternatives

Although this tool is a versatile tool offering unique features, there are other options to consider if you are merely looking for a writing assistant. Here, we mention some of the best Caktus AI alternatives for content writing.

  • Best for content creation, copywriting, and marketing teams.
  • Google Plagiarism Checker: best for assignment checking, plagiarism checker, and citation.
  • best for marketing teams and copywriters to create long-form blog posts.
  • Sudowrite: best for storytelling and creative writing.

Wrap up

Overall, Cakt is a resourceful tool that offers many practical features for copywriters and students. With the help of this tool, you can easily create impressive essays with citations, generate paragraphs, create writings based on YouTube videos, and access a wide range of coding languages. The tool boosts students’ productivity and improves their critical thinking and problem-solving. If you are looking for an educational AI tool, Caktus AI is recommended.

What is Caktus Ai?

Caktus AI is an Ai education tool that helps students write essays and long-form content for educational purposes.

Is Caktus Ai free?

No. However, Caktus AI pricing is pretty affordable.