TextCortex AI Review: A Game-Changing AI Writing Tool

In the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, it’s crucial to keep rolling with the changes and growing while maintaining a high-ranked status. Companies and businesses need to create a long-term strategy and effective communication to build a strong foundation and online presence. TextCortex AI is a two-year-old AI solution that guarantees this development and helps companies improve efficiency and productivity. This TextCortex review will widely discuss its features, benefits, and pricing. 

What Is TextCortex AI? 

Before we get to the features and pricing, let’s see what TextCortext AI is and how it works. 

Based in Germany, TextCortex is an AI-powered solution that offers many practical functions to help companies and businesses of all sizes improve communication and general website content. It essentially is a content marketing manager that produces written content for websites and social media. 

TextCortex Ai leverages the power of AI and natural language processing and uses NLG and pre-trained algorithms to generate long-form content, blog posts, and SEO descriptions. 

This cloud-based software offers a vast database containing over 3 billion sentences, making it a super tool for writing human-like content with different tones and writing styles. Therefore, you can count on it and create outstanding content that ranks. 

Benefits of Using TextCortex AI

TextCortex Ai is a versatile tool that is designed to cater to your unique needs and requirements to develop a powerful website. This tool is most beneficial for copywriters, founders and CEOs, marketers, and customer support experts. So, whether you are a content writer or marketing specialist, TextCortex AI will significantly impact your work, streamline work processes, and increase overall productivity. Additionally, TextCortex AI helps sales managers increase their sales and simplify their workflow, providing persuasive emails that lead to higher conversion rates. 

With the help of this tool, sales managers and copywriters or email marketers can write SEO-friendly content and impressive emails. 

Another benefit of using TextCortex AI is for copywriters who want to create captivating content for target audiences to hit the right spots and grab their attention. 

Everyone knows that copywriters have the power to improve brands and their identity using the magic of words. However, crafting high-quality content can be time-consuming. That’s where TextCortex AI enters the game and helps you, as your personal writing assistant, to write convincing copies and blog posts that benefit the reader with what they provide. 

Customer support is another area in which teams and businesses can benefit from using this tool. Since the software integrates with AI chatbots like Zeno, it enables you to instantly reply to customers’ questions or emails and provide them with simple solutions. This simplified process satisfies customers, meets their needs, and increases customer loyalty, which benefits companies.

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TextCortex AI Features

As an AI tool, TextCortex offers many features and functions that help you in different areas, especially in content marketing. If you struggle to develop new ideas or constantly find yourself with mindblocks, this tool is a great way to regain creativity. Here, we explore the software’s key features and functions.


One of the main features of TextCortex AI is its integration with other platforms. The tool supports over 100 integrations, such as Zapier and many other platforms. You can hardly find a platform that this tool cannot integrate. 

Moreover, with an API, you can use TextCortex AI everywhere, on mobile desktops and as extensions. 

This feature creates excellent flexibility for the tool, making it suitable for any platform.

Rewriting and Paraphrasing 

The ability to rewrite and paraphrase existing text is necessary for any AI writing companion. Moreover, by Utilizing this feature, you can rewrite already published articles or other content to create new content and, more importantly, avoid plagiarism. 

Additionally, this feature improves your writing skills by suggesting new vocabulary that may suit your writing style better.

Therefore, the software enables you to write more captivating content and exciting blog posts and expand your vocabulary. 

Other tools you can find here: 

  • Summarizer
  • Tone adjustment
  • Creative writing 
  • Fluency 


The software offers a wide range of templates for writing ad copies, blog posts, SMS, and emails, making it easier to run ads and campaigns. 

Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about writing convincing emails for a successful campaign; you can only trust the software. 

Grammar and spell-checking 

As a writer, it’s prevalent to overlook grammatical issues and spelling. With the help of TextCortex AI’s grammar and spelling checker, rest assured that you will have flawless content.

Individual and Brand Personas

Brand identity and persona are essential to creating a solid foundation for your business. Persona helps brands gain a more tangible sense of presence, and working on that is essential. Textcortext AI makes individual and brand persona creation a breeze. 

Idea development 

Mind block is sometimes an inevitable obstacle, even for professional and super-creative writers. If you ever find yourself with this issue, no worries. TextCortex AI, the personal writing assistant, helps you develop the most straightforward ideas into unique, compelling stories and content. 

Start with a few words and let your imagination take you to infinity. 

With this feature, you can access writing templates such as blog posts, YouTube descriptions, Instagram captions, and other long and short-form content. 

This feature also enables you to add new documents in the AI editor. Start with writing a sentence, and in only a few seconds, the idea will flourish into engaging content. 

Plagiarism checker

Creating unique content is crucial to ranking on search engines. Therefore, Textcortex AI helps you create SEO-optimized content and blog posts. Another factor you need to consider while writing is checking your text for unintentional plagiarism and duplicated content. For that reason, the tool offers a powerful plagiarism checker to deliver impeccable content. 

So, whether you are writing in the software’s editor or want to check existing content for plagiarism, you can use TextCortext AI.

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Multiple-Language Support 

Another prominent feature of the tool is its multi-lingual support that allows writers to write in their native languages. This feature simplifies and removes language barriers, leading to more effective communication. 

AI Chatbot 

There are many AI chatbots designed to generate human-like responses to queries and inputs, and one is the Zeno chatbot by TextCortex, which leverages GPT4 to provide you with the latest updates. 

This tool aims to assist writers and other users in finding the answers to their queries. Zeno chatbot on TextCortex AI also offers templates for instant responses and a field to input questions and personalized responses. 

Textcortex Chrome Extension

Chrome extension is like a bonus for AI tools, as it makes it more available, and users don’t need to switch tabs to access the tool. Accordingly, the Textcortex Chrome extension is available on the Chrome web store; you can easily install the extension and use the software.

TextCortex AI Use Cases

being a flexible and practical tool, TextCortex AI has a nice portfolio of successful case studies and use cases. most common use cases of TextCortext AI are:

  • Content Creation for blog posts, articles, social media posts, and captions.
  • Creative writing
  • storytelling
  • paraphrasing and plagiarism checking

TextCortex AI Case Studies

This tool covers a wide spectrum of case studies and various uses for different areas. TextCortex is a user-friendly tool for neurodiversity among employees, making it a highly useful assistant for content creation and other uses. With TextCortex, personnel can quickly and confidently manage and finish their tasks.

Text-to-speech and its Benefits For Neurodiversity

Text-to-speech, another practical feature of TextCortex, is also beneficial, especially for employees with dyslexia. It enables them to understand written text when spoken aloud; this can improve their productivity and allow them to succeed in their jobs.

According to TextCortext AI, people with ADHD also found this tool and the text-to-speech feature beneficial, helping them with their attention-needed tasks and increasing their engagement with the tasks at hand.

E-commerce and TextCortext AI

Imagine you run an e-commerce website and must write product descriptions for many new products. it may seem easy, but when it comes to the actual work, you find yourself burnt out and bored! That’s where TextCortex AI enters and makes everything easier. Upon login, you will have access to the sidebar of the tool, where a treasure of over 60 templates lies. Accelerate and simplify your work by using them to write and generate descriptions and captions.

How to Get Started with TextCortex AI? 

Logging in to TextCortex AI is straightforward. If you are new to this tool, follow the steps below. 

  1.  Go to Textcortex.ai 
  2. Click the ” get started for free” button and provide an email account. You can also use your Gmail or a Discord account. 
  3. Once you create the account, you can access the tool’s dashboard.
  4. You can access all the features in the dashboard and try them individually or according to your needs. 

TextCortex AI Pricing: How Much Does It Cost? 

This tool offers three pricing plans that suit different needs and businesses of all sizes. In the following, we elaborate on TextCortex AI pricing plans

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Unlimited Plan: $119.99 – best for copywriters and marketing teams who create emails, blogs, and social media captions and descriptions daily. 


  • Unlimited creations
  • Unlimited custom personas
  • Unlimited knowledge bases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unrestricted GPT-4 and Web Search usage
  • Rewrite 2000-word articles
  • Unlimited chat histories

Lite Plan: $69.99 – best for freelancers, students and copywriters. 


  • Up to 2800 creations/mo*
  • Up to 10 custom personas
  • Up to 10 knowledge bases
  • Maximum of 2GB storage
  • Up to 36 messages per chat
  • Maximum of 64 chat histories

Free Plan: $0 – ideal for students and content marketers with limited access to all the features. TextCortex’s free trial is an excellent way to try the tool and see if it fits your needs.


  • 20 creations* per day
  • Up to 3 custom personas
  • Up to 3 knowledge bases
  • Maximum of 100MB storage
  • Access to GPT-4 and Web Search
  • Paraphrasing tools
  • Translation & creation in 25+ languages
  • Access to 100+ AI writing templates

TextCortex Review: Pros and Cons

AI tools are beneficial software and platforms that simplify manual work processes and make task management much more manageable. However, as much as they can be powerful and useful, they might also have some advantages. Here, we explore the pros and cons of TextCortex AI. 


  • User-friendly
  • Unique content
  • Plagiarism checker 
  • Brand persona
  • Paraphrasing 
  • Tone adjustment
  • Free trial 


  • Needs fact-checking 
  • Might be pricy

TextCortex Alternatives 

Although this tool offers many practical features and functions, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan to rely on. In the following, we briefly introduce some of the best TextCortext AI alternatives and compare them to this tool. 

 Wordtune vs Textcortext 

Wordtune is a newly emerged AI writing assistant that assists users and writers in writing high-quality content and emails. Moreover, With the help of this tool, you can improve your writing skills and expand your vocabulary. It’s a good choice for writers and marketing teams to enhance their communication even on the go. Textcortex, on the other hand, is more versatile and provides users with many features, including tone adjustment and sales managing tools. 

Check out Wordtune AI’s latest review. 


It’s another AI content generator that many copywriters and marketing teams favor. Copy.ai is a great tool for generating all types of content such as headlines and blog posts. Compared to TextCortex AI, this tool is more suitable for writers, while the latter is a multifaceted tool that is more beneficial for larger teams.


Being another AI writing assistant, Jasper AI also offers features like writing and editing tools, paraphrasing, ad copies, and more. Although Jasper provides many practical features, it’s more suitable for large companies and teams. TextCortex AI, on the other hand, offers a plagiarism checker, making it available for students as well.

Wrap up

Overall, TextCortext AI is a versatile tool that helps you create unique and high-quality content. The tool assists copywriters and marketers in creating compelling and SEO-optimized blog posts and convincing emails that enhance productivity and revenue. 

It also offers a free trial to test the features and tools.