How to use Uberduck AI Voice Generator to Make Music? 

Nowadays, we are witnessing the expansion of AI into AI voice generators. Introducing Uberduck AI, the tool is a fantastic software to create music and anything related to voice generating. 

This article is a straight-to-the-point Uberduck AI voice generator review, and by the end of it you will gain insight into:

  • Uberduck AI features and capabilities
  • pricing
  • pros and cons
  • How to use the tool
  • Uberduck alternatives

If you are curious about how to create music or jazz up your videos, stay tuned.

What is the Uberduck AI Voice Generator? 

Before jumping into its features and pricing, let’s first get to know Unerduck AI better.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the Uberduck AI voice generator was primarily developed by a group of students who were enthusiastic about creating and developing software. 

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, this platform 

provides users with extensive tools for text-to-speech, voice automation, and creating synthetic media. Additionally, Uberduck AI includes the ability to produce speech from text, offering rap beats to create rap music.

Users can also use voice clones for professional or private uses and in other fields like creating TikTok videos, Instagram reels, or YouTube video voiceovers.

An interesting fact about Uber duck AI is that it enables you to mimic celebrities’ and fictional characters’ voices, including Kanye West, Niki Minaj, Mickey Mouse, and more.

However, it is crucial to note that in the latest update, Uberduck has removed many famous voices, seemingly to moral policies.

How Does Uberduck AI Work? 

It’s always nice to hear your favorite character or celebrity voice saying what you like to hear. Uber duck AI makes this desire easily possible by turning text into speech with the voice and tone of your favorite celebrity or character.

Moreover, the software uses state-of-the-art deep learning and a Transformer model to mimic lifelike voices so that you can hear your favorite artist’s voice.

When you input your sentences or a text, the app stimulates the text into spoken words with your preferred tone and voice. 

Once you’re done writing a text or a message, these messages turn into spoken words with your chosen AI voice. This is the kind of technology that is behind creating commercials, animations TikTok videos, Etc.

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Uberduck AI key features

The mighty Uberduck AI offers options and features to create AI voices and music. Now that we know Uberduck better, let’s dive into its features and see what it offers.


This is a cool feature that enables you to choose a voice over a text. You can write your text or use AI tools like Chachi GPT to generate text. Once you provide the text, you can choose a favorite voice among many familiar voices, from celebrities to fictional and in-game characters, to turn your text into speech or spoken words. 

In other words, the Uberduck text-to-speech synthesizes the give and text with an optional voice. 

This feature’s major focus is making commercials, Ad videos, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, or TikTok.

Voice to voice

As the name suggests, this feature turns your voice into a celebrity voice or other characters that you can find in Uber duck AI. You can generate high-quality voices by converting your voice to another popular voice like rap singers or other characters.

Voice Clone

With the voice cloning feature, Uberduck allows users to create more professional business descriptions for products. The interesting part is that the feature can increase organic traffic by providing options for people with neurodiversity or ADHD who may have difficulty concentrating on reading the captions and descriptions. Therefore, both users and employees benefit from this feature. Plus, you can clone your voice and create a cool rap song with it.

Lyrics Generator

Uberduck AI is a great tool for creating cool rap beats and songs. You can add your own lyrics or use the AI text generator to produce lyrics based on a certain topic. All you need to do is provide a topic and keyword and let the AI do the heavy lifting.

AI-generated raps 

If you are a fan of rap music and you dream about creating your album or single track, Uberduck AI is the place to go. The platform provides numerous rap beats that you can use to create music. We will elaborate on how to make music with Uberduck AI later on.

Costume voices

This feature was available till a few months ago. 

In this section, you could create your costume voice or clone voice. However, there were some terms and agreements that you needed to read fully first.

The software would allow users to clone their voice and save it into the platform. 

With the help of this feature, you could create more personalized messages and emails to send to friends and families or use your clone voice to ask questions or prompts from ChatGPT.

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Additionally, clone voices could be used in businesses and marketing campaigns to create a more personalized bond with customers and users. 

However, the clone voice option has been recently removed but it company may bring it back. So, never give up. 🙂

Which Languages Are Supported by Uberduck AI?

Uberduck covers a variety of languages, from English to Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch, making it easier to produce music and voices in your native language.

How to Leverage Uberduck AI for Business Purposes?

Uberduck may seem a simple tool, but it can be used for different personal and business goals in many ways:

  • AI voiceovers: the voiceovers can be used as a narrator in commercial videos.
  • Language localization: since Uberduck supports various languages, it can be used in local SEO or advertisements in your native language.
  • Interactive chat and voice bots: you can use the AI voice-overs to provide interactive conversation with customers or send them personalized messages.
  • product demonstration: the voiceovers can also be used as a narrator on product unboxing and description reading.

How to Use Uberduck AI Voice Generator to Create Music? 

Uberduck AI login is easy and straightforward. First, you need to sign up using the free trial. The free account that Uberduck provides offers a number of AI voices, including in-game characters and musicians’ voices. If you want to create music with Uberduck AI, follow the steps below.

1. Enter your dashboard, where you can access all the features. If you purchase the premium subscription, you will have access to more voices and more characters.

2. Select AI-generated raps. Here, you will be presented with a few rap beats. You can also add your costume beats. 

Moreover, if you subscribe to one of the pricing plans, you will get more options and beats.

3. The next step is using AI chatbots such as ChatGPT to generate the lyrics, or you can upload your own text. 

You can also use Uberduck AI to generate the text or the lyrics. For the AI tool to generate the lyrics, you must provide a short description explaining what you want the lyrics to be about.

4. Once the lyrics are ready, click on “Save and continue” to the next step, which is choosing the AI voice for the lyrics. In other words, you can choose your favorite artist’s or musician’s voice or your voice on the beats and sing the lyrics.

5. Finally, click on the “Generate Rap” button at the bottom of the page, and there! You created a rap song in a breeze! 

Uberduck AI pricing plans: How Much Does it Cost? 

This AI voice generator offers three pricing plans, including a free trial. Uberduck AI pricing plans are: 

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Free Plan: $0 per month


  • Non-commercial use
  • Private voice access
  • 300 render credits per month

Creator Plan: $9.99 per month


  • Commercial use
  • Private voice access
  • API Access
  • Lower Latency
  • AI-generated raps
  • 3600 render credits per month

Enterprise Plan: $500 monthly 


Everything in the creator’s plan plus:

  • Custom voice cloning
  • Lowest latency
  • Teams & collaboration features
  • Templated audio generation
  • Dedicated support
  • 500k+ render credits per month

Uberduck AI pros and cons

Every AI software comes with advantages and disadvantages. Based on Uberduck AI reviews, in the following, we check its pros and cons.


  • Up-to-date platform
  • Text to speech 
  • Voice to voice
  • Diverse voices
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable prices


  • In the last update, Uberduck AI removed a noticeable number of voices. The reason behind this policy seems to be morality and respect for the will of artists who did not wish their voices to be used for different purposes.
  • The constant update may not always be functioning well.

Uberduck AI alternatives 

While Uberduck is a powerful and practical tool for creating music and other creative applications, it’s nice to have other options in mind. Now that we know what this tool is capable of, we can see what Uberduck AI alternatives and competitors offer. 

Synthesia AI 

Although the main focus of Synthesia AI is video generation, the software offers plenty of features such as video editing, text-to-speech, voice-to-text, and video editing tools. The software also offers a wide range of AI voiceovers and avatars to narrate videos or descriptions. 

Resemble AI

This tool clones voices using the provided audio data. Resemble AI leverages advanced Deep Learning models and algorithms to generate AI voices for text-to-speech and speech-to-speech synthesis, resulting in high-quality AI-generated audio output. The tool also offers a multilingual localization feature and can translate text and voice speeches into 100 languages., making it suitable for all kinds of tasks for faster results.


Supertone assists creators in bringing ideas to life at every stage of the video content creation process. This voice separation technology can entirely isolate an actor’s voice from any background noise in location recording. The flexibility to produce any voice allows you to choose the scenarios without restrictions.


In conclusion, Uberduck AI is a fantastic, entertaining tool that draws out your creativity and helps you meet that creative side of yourself. The software provides many famous artists and in-game characters’ voices to use in commercials and creating videos. 

If you are looking for a tool to create cool music at home in a few minutes, Uberduck AI is worth a try.