Pictory AI: How to Create High-quality Videos? 

In the past few years, copywriting, content writing, Youtube videos, and Instagram reels have been doing a fine job engaging audiences and increasing conversion rates. Therefore, it’s necessary to plan a flawless content strategy with captivating content, especially videos and visual content. So what about a tool that can do it all?! You guessed it! It’s Pictory AI. 

Pictory AI video generator is a reliable tool to create videos in only minutes. This Pictory AI review is a comprehensive guide to benefit the tool at its best and explores its features and pricing. Let’s get to it. 

What is Pictory AI?

Before jumping into the juicy parts and getting to know its features, let’s see what Pictory AI is and how it works. 

Pictory AI is a new AI video generator and online platform where you can easily create various videos only using text or script. The tool uses the power of AI to turn the provided text or script into a video. 

In the Pictory AI dashboard, you will find different clips and videos related to your topic and generates a video based on your description. It also provides AI voiceover to use on the video as a narrative to make it more human-like. 

Moreover, you can edit the video or extract the script from an existing video or file. Pictory Ai also enables you to resize the videos for short-form platforms and generate headlines and captions describing them. The tool also offers a free trial, a monthly subscription, and creative tools at surprisingly affordable prices. 

Pictory AI Key Features 

Surely you expect features like video editing tools to enhance and moderate what you create using an AI video generator. Pictory AI offers practical features s listed below: 

Edit Video Using Text 

This feature of Pictory AI enables you to edit all kinds of videos, webinars, podcasts, and Zoom recordings and modify them to your best interest. It’s easy to use, and you will get fast results. This feature will come in handy if you want to create a more brief and useful and remove silences, pauses, or filler words. It works because the AI first generates the script from the video and allows you to edit, highlight, or delete any text part. You will see instant results on the video as you apply your action to the text. Then you can download your new file or edit the text, video, or captions. 

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If you want to use this feature, start with sign up, import your file, or paste an existing URL. 

Create Video Highlights 

With this feature, you can highlight text from the transcripts and generate multiple video clips from the highlights. You can also add captions or use the template library for background. Additionally, you will be able to export the video clips with your desired format and download the file to your device. 

Auto Summarize Long Videos 

This feature of Pictory AI summarizes the video as short as you need based on percentage and highlights the key points. Since short videos boost visibility, engagement, and reach, this feature helps you a great deal to create tons of videos and reels. Moreover, you can repurpose your content, turn long videos into short ones, and use them for different purposes, including Instagram reels, stories, and Youtube shorts.

Script to Video 

As the title suggests, this feature allows you to create videos from script or description. So, choose your favorite AI voiceover from various male and female voices with the required tone as a narrative for your video. Moreover, Pictory is a cloud-based platform so that you can access your files from different devices. Pictory.ai has a huge media library with various video clips, images, and over 15,000 music tracks that you can use to improve the quality of your content. This tool allows you to be creative beyond thought. 

Blog Post to Video 

While writing a long-form blog post is valuable for boosting your SEO, embedding a video helps the website rank higher. You can turn your long blog posts into videos using the Pictory AI video generator. Furthermore, you can create a summary of your blog post in only a few minutes and increase engagement. To add more human touch to your content, you can use your voice as a narrator or choose realistic AI voiceovers.

Auto Caption Videos 

To bring more users and extend your reach, a video clip should include captions to attract more viewers. Therefore, Pictory AI provides an auto caption generator for your videos. So, instead of writing captions or subtitles for your content, you can leave it to the AI tool and save time and energy. 

How to Use Pictory AI Tool? 

Pictory AI login is really easy. Follow the steps below to get started with this fantastic AI video generator. 

  1. Go to Pictory.ai
  2. Sign up or log in with an email
  3. Determine if use the tool as a company or solo.
  4. Once logged in, you will see several blocks introducing the Pictory AI’s features. Here, you can choose your next action and what you need to do. 
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How to create a video with Pictory AI? 

Once you have created your account or finalized your subscription, you can access Pictory’s tools. You can create a video using an existing blog, script, or text. 

In the dashboard, the AI asks you to upload a document or paste an existing URL to have the required material. 

Within seconds you will have the result and see the text turned into an engaging video. This is the part where you review the generated video to see if it needs editing. You will have access to all the editing tools you need in the dashboard. You can also add emojis, captions, music, and voiceover, summarize the video, and remove unnecessary parts to make it sweeter and more interesting. 

There! Now you have a brand new video that you can post anywhere. 

Pictory AI Pricing: Is It Worth The Price? 

The AI tool offers three pricing plans that cover the feature you need. Pictory AI pricing is quite affordable, with its many practical features. 

STANDARD: starts at $23 per month. Creators should start with videos.


●  1 User Per Account

●   30 videos per month

●   Text-to-video projects up to 10 minutes in length

●   10 hours of video transcription per month

●   Edit existing video recordings up to 1 hour long

●   3 customizable Branded Templates

●   5,000 music tracks

●   34 text-to-speech AI voices

PREMIUM: starts at $47 monthly – best for professional creators and small to mid-sized organizations. 


●   1 User Per Account

●   60 videos per month

●   Text-to-video projects up to 20 minutes in length

●   20 hours of video transcription per month

●   Edit existing video recordings up to 3 hours long

●   10 customizable Branded Templates

●   10,000 music tracks

●   60 text-to-speech AI voices

●   Automatic voiceover synchronization

●   Automatic video highlights

●   Hootsuite integration

●   Bulk download of videos to CSV 

TEAMS: $119 per month and best benefits teams of video creators who share and collaborate. 


●   All Premium Plan features, PLUS:

●   3 Users Per Account

●   90 videos per month

●   Text-to-video projects up to 30 minutes in length

●   20 customizable Branded Templates

●   Access to 15,000 music tracks

●   Sharing and Collaboration Features

Notably, the Pictory AI free trial is available for all the pricing plans, so you can try the tool before purchasing. Moreover, you will gain quite a generous discount for an annual subscription. Visit Pictory.ai for an in-depth feature comparison of every plan. 

Advantages And Drawbacks: Pictory AI Review 

As an AI tool, Pictory AI has some advantages and drawbacks. Let’s explore its pros and cons. 

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  • Intuitive interface
  • Affordable 
  • Offers free trial
  • Variety of editing tools 
  • Customizable features and pricing 


  • Limited editing options 
  • Lack of originality 
  • Limited input format

Pictory AI Alternatives 

AI tools have been in close competition regarding features and pricing. Nevertheless, no matter how similar they are, they always offer unique features or advantages that others may lack. While Pictory AI is a powerful AI video generator, it’s always nice to have other options to consider. Here lies a short list of top Pictory AI alternatives. 


Using artificial intelligence to generate AI videos, Synthesia is a practical and rich-featured tool that helps you create tons of videos with customizable backgrounds, music, and AI voiceovers. Learn more about its features and pricing on Synthesia ai Review.


Luma1 is another video generator best for organizations. Users can import and export files to and from the tool and use the search tool to find a particular file or project. All the information regarding the generated video, including the creator’s name, date, and language, will be saved. You can also modify this information and store them in a database for later use. Also, the tool provides an overview of the client’s activities and user behavior through comprehensive analysis and gives you insights into improving your content creation. 


This tool is a DIY ( do-it-yourself) video generator that enables users to turn their ideas into videos instantly. It includes over 4,000 designed themes and templates and over 1 million royalty-free photos and videos. InVedio is also a great platform for professionals to modify their templates by altering their colors, animations, shapes, social media posts, and other elements that increase the quality of the video. 

Final Thoughts 

To warp up, Pictory Ai is a functional Ai video generator designed to boost your visibility and reach on search engines and social media. It helps you create all kinds of videos with different types of material, from existing blogs to a few words of descriptions. It also helps you summarize long videos, webinars, or online meetings to draw key points. Overall, Pictory Ai is an affordable tool that definitely worths a try. So, don’t miss out on the free trial.