How to Create YouTube videos from text using AI with Fliki AI? 

Whether you run a professional business or are at the onset of your small business marketing, you need to spend hours writing blog posts or creating videos for social media platforms. However, content Marketing and boosting your social media to increase reach and visibility can be challenging and time-consuming. In the past few years, many AI video generators have emerged to increase efficiency and revenue by producing tons of videos for social media in less time. Fliki AI video generator is on the list of newest tools in the market. This Fliki AI review covers everything about this tool, including prices, features, and benefits. So, if you are looking for a powerful AI video generator, stay tuned.

What is Fliki AI? 

Before we get to the features and pricing, let’s get to know Fliki AI more closely. 

In a nutshell, Fliki AI is a text-to-speech and video converter or a video generator that helps you quickly produce audio and video content using AI voices in only a few minutes. With Fliki, you can quickly turn your blog posts or any other text-based content into video, podcast, or voice-over-enhanced audiobooks. Over 850 voices and more than 77 languages are available on Fliki. This tool is a great content generator and companion for content creators who need to post various types of videos on different social media and online platforms regularly. Using the Fliki AI video generator helps you save time and energy by providing every necessary tool to create an engaging video.

This will increase revenue by bringing more reach on social media research shows that users are more likely to spend time on websites and blog posts with videos. So if you mainly focus on creating blog posts, you can easily embed a related video in the blog to rank higher on SERP.

Generally, videos help you greatly to enhance your visibility and boost your overall online performance as a form of content.  Fliki AI is a practical tool for this purpose, and you can count on it for difficult tasks. Now, let’s explore Fliki ai’s features 

Key Features of Fliki AI 

As an AI video generator, Fliki AI offers many features that help you edit and create videos. These various features include:

YouTube Video Maker 

If you own a YouTube channel, it’s necessary to post regularly or, at best, a few times a week. Therefore, you need a powerful AI video generator that accelerates this process and leaves you with desired results. Fliki ai’s video maker for YouTube is a great tool you can try and trust with the results. It’s easy to use, and you can generate your video in only a few minutes. 

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If you want to use this feature, you must sign up and log in. Then, in your dashboard, you can create a new file and choose the language you want to create the video with.

In the next step, add the script for the video. You can type, paste, or import an existing blog and wait for the AI to generate the video based on the provided description.

Choose your media from the Fliki AI library that includes millions of images and clips to improve the video, then click on the export button, and there! You have an engaging video for your YouTube channel. 

Blog to Video 

As mentioned before, one of the SEO tips to rank higher on search engines is to include a video in your blog post. So instead of creating a whole new video for your webpage, you can easily summarize the blog post into a video and explain the topic and a few minutes. You can use the Fliki AI writing tool to convert a blog post into a video. 

Wondering how to use this feature? Follow these steps:

 First, select the AI voice option. Choose the language, the dialect, and an AI voice-over from the 800 voices that Fliki provides. You can also add a human touch to the video and use your own voice to narrate the script. 

The next step is to add the script, upload a document or an existing your l for video material

Finally, choose your media from the templates and library and export your project.

Text to Speech

If you are a video creator and you don’t want to appear in the video or use your own voice for narrating, Fliki AI solves this problem. The tool allows you to convert your text into speech and turn it into realistic AI voices, so all you have to do is prepare this script and leave the rest to the AI.

Voice-over Creator 

Voiceovers are necessary for making Commercials, IVRs, or simple how-to/onboarding videos. Fliki AI text-to-speech converter enables you to quickly turn your scripts into voices, making the process simple and economical.

Podcast Maker 

Everybody knows podcasts are becoming more and more popular. They are more friendly, create a sense of familiarity and help you create a strong relationship with your audience. Accordingly, Fliki AI provides a podcast maker so you can create a podcast channel without worries. Provide the scripts, upload the file, add music, use an AI voiceover or your own voice, and there you have your podcast and only a few seconds. 

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Audiobook creator 

Audiobooks have been a new form of consuming and reading books. In the past few years, users of audiobooks have gained the benefits of productivity while having the advantage of multitasking. Fliki AI solves this issue by quickly turning your existing eBook into an audiobook and providing you with a public page to share your audiobook.

Multi-lingual support 

One of the prominent features of Fliki AI is that it supports over 70 languages from different countries with various accents. Therefore, the tool enables you to create videos in your native language and accent. Consequently, you will be able to build a better relationship with your audience and improve your local visibility.

How to Get Started With Fliki AI? 

The first step is to create an account and log in or finalize your purchase. Then, select the files option from the top panel, click on the new file button, enter the file name and select if it is audio or video, and hit create. 

This brings you to the script-based editor. In the common scene tab, you can add layers to display throughout your video. The audio layers enable you to add music to your video. Click the “Choose File” button to open an audio library for background music. On your right, you can adjust the volume and speed of the music and video. If you want your video to have a watermark, click “add layers” to find it. 

The next step is going to the scene section. This allows you to add or edit a scene or different video sections. Moreover, with the voiceover feature, you can convert your text into AI voices by providing a text in the description box. You can also filter the AI voices by language and gender. 

Once you select your favorite voice, it’s time to choose how your media is displayed within the scene. Click on the thumbnail icon to access a wide range of videos and images or search for one. 

With the other editing tool, you can enhance your scenes and images and turn them into engaging videos for a specific platform. 

Fliki AI Review: Pros and Cons 

Fliki AI is an AI tool, but it can bring some advantages and drawbacks. 


  • User-friendly
  • Fast and easy to use 
  • Various editing tools 
  • Great audio and video quality 
  • Human-like voices 
  • Good customer support 
  • Multi-lingual support


  • Can be pricey 
  • Needs more development

Fliki AI Alternatives 

Although the Fiki video ai is a mighty content creation assistant, it is nice to know and consider other options that are similar to Fliki. In the following, we will explore Fliki AI alternatives for more convenience and consideration. 

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Synthesia is a great AI video generator that offers practical anything tools for creating long and short forms of video for different purposes. The tool helps you create videos for social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram reels. You will have access to a wide range of AI voices to use as your narrator. You can also pick out avatars, meaning you can choose a male or a female narrator for your video instead of showing your face. To learn more about its features and pricing, check out Synthesia ai review.

Pictory AI 

Another capable and practical competitor of Fliki is the Pictory AI video generator. As the name suggests, you can use this tool to create different forms of video. You will also have access to the library of images and over 5,000 loyal free music to use for video background. The tool can also generate captions automatically and turn existing blogs into videos. Read more about its pricing plans and features in the Pictory AI review.

Fliki AI Pricing Plans 

This tool offers 4 pricing plants that suit different purposes and different users. Fliki AI pricing plans are mentioned below:

Free: use Fliki AI free trial 

Basic: best for audio making using human-like voices – $8 per month

Standard: Best for individuals and professional video creators – $28 Per month

Premium: Suits users and businesses who want to use Flicki’s advanced AI features and create content at scale – $88 per month 


Fliki AI video generator is a handy tool and a great companion for content creators who need to constantly create various and engaging videos for websites and social media platforms. This tool enables you to create videos and gives you access to all editing tools you need to take your creativity beyond measure. Although some users claim it’s a bit pricey, Fliki AI offers unique features that are less likely to be found in other AI tools. Moreover, you can try Fliki AI free trial before purchasing and test the water before jumping in. 


Who uses Fliki AI?

Flicki AI is best for those who want to create audio books or turn text into video. It’s also a great tool to create a video based on an existing blog. 

Is Fliki AI free?

Yes. Fliki AI video generator offers a generous free trial with full access to all the features. However, this access is limited by credit. 

What languages does Fliki AI support? 

Fliki supports over 70 languages with different accents, including American English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.