Shakespeare AI – Write Your Marketing Copy For Free 

No one can deny that creating unique content and engaging copies is crucial to developing and improving SEO and expanding business. Whenever you need to increase your visibility on Google or other platforms, you should centralize your focus on creating engaging content. However, creating content, editing, proofreading, and all the steps you should take to publish a blog can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s where AI toolbars such as Shakespeare come to seize the day. This blog is a Shakespear AI toolbar review that will cover its features, pricing, pros, and cons. We will also take a peek at its alternatives for consideration. 

What Is Shakespear AI Writer? 

Shakespeare AI is a writing assistant based in Australia that utilizes the power of AI to contribute to the world of technology, AI, and digital marketing. 

As an AI writing assistant, Shakespeare AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to generate coherent and rich content that conveys an idea or concept simply. 

This software is an excellent tool for copywriters and marketing teams who must create tons of SEO-friendly content to boost their performance and increase revenue. 

Other than writing tools, Shakespeare AI also offers marketing and email automation assistance to streamline your workflow. 

Benefits of the Shakespeare AI Writing Assistant

Shakespeare’s AI writing aid has countless advantages. It gives authors the ability to seamlessly add Shakespearean eloquence, improving authenticity and attractiveness. Students gain knowledge of literary devices and the development of language. It is a source of inspiration for everyone, inspiring original concepts and inventive compositions. With the help of this tool, users may create fascinating material with the enduring attraction of Shakespeare’s ageless prose, bridging the gap between contemporary expression and classical skill.

Shakespeare AI brings many benefits for students and copywriters. It gives writers the ability to seamlessly add Shakespearean elegance to their writing, leading to more authenticity and charm in text and content. 

Students can also gain knowledge of literature and linguistic techniques and improve their language, either for writing or speaking. 

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Shakespeare’s AI serves as a source of inspiration for everyone, inspiring original concepts and creative writing.  

Therefore, whether you are a student or content writer, you can rely on the tool for assistance and deliver captivating content.

How Does Shakespeare AI Work?

The underlying technology of Shakespeare AI is similar to other AI chatbots. The tool leverages natural language programming algorithms and vast text data to train the software to write coherent and meaningful content and literary text. It’s also based on GPT-3 and delivers powerful content for different purposes.

Key Features of Shakespeare Chatbot

Being an AI content generator, this tool offers many practical features that help you create outstanding content that is both SEO-optimized and rich. Here, we explore Shakespeare’s AI features. 


As a Content writer, it’s very common to overlook grammatical mistakes or get stuck in the loop of boring sentences. The rephrase tool in Shakespeare AI enables you to rewrite your text using extended vocabulary and more interesting alternatives. The tool also offers a grammar and spelling checker. Therefore, you can expect flawless content from this AI writing assistance. 


With the help of this feature, you can summarize long text and content and websites or a PDF file and turn it into a short paragraph for easy understanding and easy access to important points.


If you are a blog reader, surely you have seen a little box titled Too Long Didn’t Read. The simplifying feature of Shakespeare AI creates a more get-to-the-point version of long text and makes a list of the important points.

Friendly mode

Staying calm and friendly under work pressure can be tough, more so when emailed after email or request after request comes waiting for an answer or guidance. Using Shakespeare as your friendly mode, you can quickly respond to emails and messages even when you are stressed to maintain the lightness and friendliness of your relationship with your customer.

AI prompts

Another prominent feature of Shakespeare AI is providing AI prompts, meaning instead of switching to ChatGPT or other chatbots for prompts, you can access whatever you need and Shakespeare AI while maintaining workflow.

Extensions and plugins

Shakespeare AI integrates with many other platforms to streamline the work process, allowing you to use the tools while you are working. 

The tool offers a Chrome extension and WordPress plugin, which enables you to access the tools while crafting a blog post or writing a text in Docs. 

Multi-lingual support 

Shakespeare AI toolbar supports a wide range of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian. So you can write in your native language and improve communication in local businesses or academic projects. 

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Content writing 

As the name suggests, Shakespeare AI’s major focus is content and copywriting. Therefore, it helps you create compelling content for blog posts, social media captions, or add copies.

Shakespeare AI Review: Pros & Cons 

Shakespeare’s AI writing tool comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. Let’s see what the Shakespeare AI pros and cons are. 


  • Rephrase
  • AI prompts
  • Chrome extension
  • Language mastery 
  • Creative writing ability 
  • Educational assistance
  • Time-saving 


  • A free trial is not available
  • May not be suitable for ad purposes

Shakespeare AI Pricing Plans: Is it Worth it? 

This tool provides one pricing plan that offers all the features you need to write and craft content. Shakespeare AI pricing is affordable and costs $43 per month.

Shakespeare AI Pricing

Shakespeare AI Alternatives

As an AI writing assistant, the Shakespeare AI toolbar offers functions to simplify your writing process and finish your projects. However, it’s always nice to have some other options in mind. Here, we introduce three Shakespeare AI alternatives. 

Copy AI is a writing generator that is best for marketing teams and businesses of all sizes. if your major focus is ad copies and crafting long-form blog posts, this tool will meet your needs. 

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This is an AI writing assistant that assists you in writing blog posts so that friendly content product description copies social media captions. Right Sonic AI also streamlines your workflow by time-saving writing assistance.

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Bertha AI 

Berta AI is another AI writing platform that focuses on optimizing content and creating SEO-optimized blog posts. 

The tool offers data analysis and uses the power of machine learning and NLP to produce coherent text and copies for different websites and social media platforms it also provides a WordPress plugin that enables you to directly access the toolbar.

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Overall, Shakespeare AI is an excellent tool for creating high-quality content and engaging blog posts and captions. It also is a great tool for students’ projects, given that its major focus is creativity. If you are looking for an AI writing assistant to boost your creativity, Shakespeare AI is recommended.