How to create your own AI character? Beta Character AI Review 

Since the birth of AI, many areas of humankind have immensely impacted human lives, from health to education and engineering. Now, we are witnessing a new generation of AI tools that create personal companionship, like AI girlfriend apps or AI characters. In this article, we will discuss AI Character Software and its features. This Beta AI Character review includes the pros and cons and pricing of the software. 

What is Beta character AI, and How Does it Work? 

Launched in September 2022 in beta version, Character AI is an AI chatbot that leaves ChatGPT behind and enables you to create your own characters or childhood heroes and talk to them. We all know that AI-generated content is diverse, from voice to videos, presentations, and beyond. Therefore, one might even say this software is an AI content generator, as the characters produce conversational text and content that you can actually use for different purposes. Since the software is based on artificial intelligence, the characters can generate informational content upon asking questions, and with every conversation, the character gets trained and adopts expanded knowledge.

An interesting fact about Beta Character AI is that the tool was developed by former Google researcher Noam Shazeer.

The tool provides an interactive space between users and the AI characters. 

The software leverages the power of artificial intelligence and deep machine learning with a major focus on conversation and interactions, creating a space to have moments of fun with AI-made celebrities and historical and fictional characters. 

Moreover, it provides incredibly detailed text and remembers in detail about the character it is portraying.

Generally, this software is a fantastic entertaining tool that provides you with responses innovatively. 

How does Character AI work? 

As an advanced technology, Character AI uses modern machine learning models and natural processing algorithms to create human-like characters or agents. These agents are designed based on a particular sector occupation and use human-like communication to build a relationship with the user. Characters or agents are trained to mimic various aspects of human behavior, such as tone, feelings and personality traits. 

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Moreover, the platform’s natural processing technology can produce realistic responses and human-like communication to cater to the needs and tastes of the user. 

Character AI also provides large-scale text data from various sources, such as books, news articles, blogs, and social media chats. Therefore, the characters in the software can handle a variety of prompts, questions, and topics regarding different jobs, including sales, IT support, and customer service. 

The AI chatbots that the tool offers produce responses to different queries. However, the tool needs fact-checking and may not provide factual responses or accurate answers.

Beta Character AI

Beta Character AI features: What can you do with it?

As an AI chatbot, Character AI offers many practical features and a wide range of functions. Here, we explore these features briefly.

Practice a new language

As mentioned before, this app offers many AI characters and agents. You can also design your favorite character and start communicating with them. One of these avatars helps you practice new languages and guides you through the process step by step. 

Practice interviewing

Another unique feature of this AI software is diversity and chatbot. If you want to prepare yourself for an interview, you can count on your character to help you nail the interview.

Brainstorm ideas 

This feature is best for copywriters and content creators who might find themselves with mindblocks from time to time. The AI character design for this feature comes up with new ideas for blog posts, YouTube videos, ad copies, and more.

Personal character development

One of the prominent features of the AO software is the ability to create your character and describe it however you want. This personal assistant will help you according to the description you provided. It also can generate images during your conversations.

Numerous AI agents

Character AI offers a wide range of AI characters and numerous themes, enabling users to converse with chatbots or almost any topic, including job-related topics, education I.T, and more.

Other AI assistants in this tool include agents for:

  • Plan a trip
  • Write a story
  • Play a game
  • Get book recommendations
  • Help me make a decision 

How to create a digital character with Beta Character AI? 

The character generator in the software is easy to use and enables you to create your favorite character quickly. Before getting started with Character AI, it’s important to remember you will only have limited conversations with characters. Therefore, if you want to use the software for free, you must provide an email to log in.

  1. Visit
  2. On your left, click Create> Create a character> Sign up or log in.
  3. Set a username and enter your date of birth for legal matters. Agree to the terms and hit Join Character.
  4. You are directed to your dashboard, where many characters are presented. Here, you want to click on Create again and start creating your own character. Enter the name and details of the character, such as a greeting message. You can also choose who can see your new character.
  5. Finally, choose an image for the avatar or use the AI image generator to create an AI avatar for your character.
  6. If you want, you can include more details by clicking on advance editing and adding more specific details about the character’s personality and behavior.
  7. Once you’re done, click “Create and Chat” and enjoy your time with the tool.
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How to create a character with Beta Character AI?

What is Beta Character AI Plus?

While AI is free to use, the developers have announced a subscription plan as +, which includes unlimited features. 

Subscribers will get access to Unique Community channels with quicker feedback and support. They can also skip the waiting rooms and enjoy quick responses and a faster chat process with AI characters.

Beta Character AI advantages and drawbacks 

Like other Artificial intelligence tools, character AI comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at character AI’s pros and cons and limitations.


  • Free to use 
  • Comprehensive AI assistant 
  • Diversity in chatbots
  • Personal character design
  • Numerous themes
  • Supports text-to-speech


  • Characters make things up and need fact-checking 

How Much Does it Cost? Beta Character AI Pricing 

Character AI beta is the free version of the software and everyone can use it. However, the software offers an affordable premium subscription called or Character AI Plus that includes unlimited access to all the features and routine updates to keep the app up to date. 

Character AI +: $9.99 per month 


Overall, character AI is an interesting tool to create AI characters and have conversations with them on different topics. Besides offering a white range of AI agents to assist you in different areas, the tool offers brainstorming assistance and gives you ideas on different subjects. This new AI software is free to use. However, if you want to access all of its features unlimitedly, you can subscribe to at an affordable price. If you want to have an AI assistant that accompanies you in every task, this app is recommended.


What is Character AI? 

Character AI enables you to create characters based on your taste and needs and Converse with them on different topics. It offers numerous themes and AI agents that help you and various subjects.

Is Character AI free?

Yes. It is free to use but it also provides a premium subscription with unlimited access to all the features at a monthly cost of $9.99.