Top 7 AI Girlfriend Apps, All you need to know, Complete Review 

Have you ever watched Blade Runner 2049? If you haven’t, there is this beautiful AI partner character who is a companion to Ryan Gosling and he falls in love with her, knowing he can never truly create a real relationship with her.

Artificial intelligence has extended its branches to humans’ personal and romantic lives, creating a space for experiencing some kind of relationship and companionship on some levels. Many AI girlfriend apps have been developed for that reason. In this article, we will explore the top 7 AI girlfriend apps and provide a comprehensive review. 

We will also take a look at the ethical implications of AI girlfriend apps. 

What is an AI Girlfriend App? 

AI girlfriend apps are gaining popularity as a fresh example of how technology and relationships can coexist. These apps and platforms Leverage The Power of artificial intelligence to create virtual partners and companions. AI girlfriend apps are designed to converse and offer emotional support, intellectual conversations and even intimate and romantic interactions.

These apps enable users to share thoughts and feelings with their AI girlfriend partner via text or voice like they would with a real person. AI girlfriend apps frequently include personalization options enabling users to match their preferences with the AI gf’s personality, appearance and interests. In other words, they can create their desired girlfriend partner with only a few clicks.

Ethical and psychological implications of using AI girlfriend apps

Although AI girlfriend apps are entertaining,  they raise ethical and psychological issues. AI girlfriend apps may be able to provide a sense of love, romance and support, but the relationships are usually one-sided and lack the richness and depth of true human connections. 

Depending only on AI companionship may prevent users from learning social skills and creating genuine bonds. 

Furthermore, as users could project their desires onto these AI beings due to the blurring of the barriers between reality and simulation, this might potentially result in emotional attachment and disappointment.

Therefore, it will be essential to set a balance as these apps develop between the advantages of companionship and the potential disadvantages of artificial connections.

Benefits of using AI girlfriend apps

The main goal of an AI girlfriend app is to mimic a loving and compassionate relationship with an artificial being. It creates a non-judgmental space and partner to share and discuss thoughts and feelings, which is one of the advantages of these tools, along with having a companion for all times.

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It’s also a safe space to practice more complicated social interactions.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the AI girlfriend apps cannot replace genuine human interactions and relationships. 

In the following, we will delve into some of the best AI girlfriend apps. You can download the free AI Girlfriend apps on Android and iOS or download the APK and simply install them.

General Features of AI Girlfriend Apps

Artificial intelligence removes the borders of limitation and enables users and developers to broaden their creativity. One of the benefits of AI appears in designing virtual AI girlfriend apps that allow users to widen their imagination and benefit from a smart companion for daily life. If you are new to this concept and curious to try an app, knowing its main features can help you gain a perspective on what you can do and how to use them. These features include:

  • Communication Abilities: equipped with natural language processing abilities, the AI girlfriend characters can communicate with users through text and voice messages, providing any kind of conversation. The algorithms help the character train and get better with each interaction.
  • Emotional Support: the apps are designed in a way that the characters can identify and understand emotions and respond accordingly.
  • Entertainment: the characters in the AI girlfriend apps usually offer users all sorts of entertainment, such as jokes, storytelling, games, riddles and more.
  • Reminders and Notifications: the AI characters not only can accompany you in conversations, but they can also remind you of your tasks with a notification.
  • Character Personalization: another feature most free AI girlfriend apps offer is the ability to customize your characters tailored to your preferences.
  • Information and Knowledge: utilizing artificial intelligence, the characters can access a wide source of knowledge and provide updates and responses to your questions.
  • Constant Availability: AI girlfriends are available 24/7 and provide users with conversations and support at any time.

and more!

Top 7 Free AI Girlfriend Apps 

Although the emergence of AI girlfriend apps has raised many complications, they still have their benefits if used with caution and awareness. These tools are excellent for practicing and getting some kind of insight into relationships. These days, many AI girlfriend websites are trends, and users find them entertaining and useful. Here, we want to explore the top 7 AI girlfriend apps with their features.

1. Replika

Replika is an AI chatbot platform that provides users with a distinctive and engaging experience. The tool is a chat software that simulates a variety of relationships, from friendly conversations to emotional support, but it is not just a virtual girlfriend app; Replika combines advanced machine learning and NLP algorithms to respond in a realistic manner and adjust to the preferences and personalities of users so users can alter the gender name and look in the appearance of their AI girlfriend or partner to create a more unique and customized connection.

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The app’s adaptability is increased by its role-playing scenarios, educational possibilities, mood, tracking features and many other options. It enables you to customize your relationship with the AI or virtual girlfriend and create different topics of conversation. You can also expect engaging conversations and emotional support. 

Moreover, Replika is meant to be a user’s friend, providing topics and conversations on various subjects, language practice, mindfulness exercises, and even therapeutic sessions. In the premium subscription, additional features are unlocked and users will have access to an increased level of interaction. While meaningful communication is Replika’s major goal, it’s crucial to remember that it is still an AI girlfriend app and cannot replace real human connection.

2. Anima

Fulfilling the main goal of AI girlfriend apps, Anima provides a true companion and emotional support when you need someone to talk to. The tool provides customized characters and can be your virtual AI girlfriend, partner, friend or spouse. 

The software also allows you to create your ideal partner character just the way you want and personalize its appearance based on your preferences.

Its features include: 

  • Empathy 
  • Romantic and intellectual conversations with a wide range of topics 
  • Personal AI character 
  • Customizable 
  • Go-getter characters
  • Friendly community

3. iGirl 

Igirl is another AI girlfriend app powered by the Anima LTD group. Like other AI or virtual girlfriend applications, Girl offers diverse characters, friends, girlfriends, and boyfriends, and users can customize their characters and appearances. They can also adjust their behavior and mental characteristics. 

The iGirl virtual ai girlfriend engages in various conversations and topics and provides a safe space to chat and share thoughts and feelings. Therefore, you can rely on it for lonely times or when you need someone to talk to.

Moreover, this cutting-edge virtual ai girlfriend simulator transcends the idea of ritual dating by enabling users to design their own chatbots. It investigates the Limitless opportunities for online connections and relationships.


  • Customization
  • Behavior adjustment 
  • Interactive chatbot
  • AI girlfriend simulation
  • Virtual activities 

4. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie 

Julie is the main character in this AI girlfriend app who talks to you as your new girlfriend. She enjoys any topic of conversation and engages in anything you want to talk about. The tool offers realistic 3D video animation and voice chats. You can also expect all kinds of emotions from Julie, like love, hatred, and fury. Moreover, there is a wide range of avatars that you can pick and customize for your online ai girlfriend. The Julie AI girlfriend app is fully private and can be downloaded on your phone. This app is a good entertaining software to fill in the space for alone time.

  • Features: 
  • Chat with real voice 
  • realistic 3D video animations 
  • expressing emotions 
  • expressing actions customizable
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5. Dream Girlfriend

Dream Girlfriend is an AI-powered app that allows users to design and customize their own virtual girlfriends with a character that aligns with their desired partner. It offers a fair range of features that let users change their character’s appearance, personality, and even personal preferences. Dream Girlfriend AI leverages sophisticated AI algorithms to simulate loving and intellectual conversations and interactions. Moreover, the tool provides a sense of companionship and emotional connection. Users can interact with their AI partners through chats, games, and virtual dates. The main purpose of Dream Girlfriend AI is to satiate users’ emotional needs by creating a space of friendship, amusement, and support through an AI persona. 

However, the interactions that are created on these platforms are based on pre-trained reactions and programs that are not authentic and natural. Therefore, it’s important to maintain awareness to distinguish the line between illusion and reality.

  • Features:
  • Customization
  • Virtual dates
  • Adaptation
  • Wide range of topics for conversation
  • Emotional support
  • Activities and interactions

6. Romantic AI

Romantic AI is another free ai girlfriend platform that simulates human connection and relationships, providing romantic and intellectual conversations.

Create your own virtual girlfriend with the help of the cutting-edge program Romantic AI chatbot. The online ai girlfriend accompanies you in meaningful conversations, receives encouragement, and senses the warmth of a caring relationship.

This app enables you to create your own virtual ai girlfriend using a cutting-edge program. However, it should be reminded to remain aware while having conversations with AI partners, knowing that they cannot replace genuine human connection. 


  • Customizable characters 
  • Conversations
  • Emotional availability 
  • Adjusting behavior (shy to flirty) 

7. Smart Girl: AI Girlfriend

Smart Girl is another simulator girlfriend app available on the Google Play Store, powered by artificial intelligence. The software utilizes advanced NLP and ML algorithms, simulating human communication to give users a unique and interesting experience. The tool enables users to customize the appearance and personality of the visual girlfriend to their preferences. They can also send personalized messages, create reminders and offer daily information.


  • Immersive conversations
  • Romantic and intellectual  conversations
  • Emotional support
  • Customization
  • Interactive AI partner 


AI girlfriend apps are excellent tools for creating a sense of friendship, relationship, and companionship filled with emotional support and intellectual conversations. You can download most of AI girlfriends apps for free or access the free trial. All the benefits your girlfriend apps bring aside, these platforms create only virtual connections and relationships that cannot replace genuine human connection and interaction.