Bertha AI Review 2023; Features and Pricing 

Content creation is a significant part of digital marketing for online businesses; no one can deny it. However, creating vast content to rank higher on search engines can be challenging and exhausting. For that reason, developers and tech nerds have developed many different AI writing generators and content writing assistants. Bertha AI is one of these amazing platforms. This article is a comprehensive Bertha ai review that covers its features and pricing. Let’s get to it.   

What is Bertha AI Blog Post Writer? 

Before we get to the features, let’s see what Bertha AI is. 

Bertha AI content assistant is an AI content generator that helps you create rich content, blog posts, and social media captions. It’s based in the UK and utilizes the power of Open AI, and offers a wide range of features and options to nail your social media marketing. 

Bertha AI blog post writer, is best for content or copywriters who must create hundreds of words for different purposes. In addition to streamlining the workflow, it helps reduce the stress and pressure of due dates and costs and improves efficiency. 

Using Bertha AI is beneficial in many ways. It aids employees in focusing on more important and strategic tasks and simplifies the content creation process. 

Overview of Bertha AI Features 

As an AI-powered platform, Bertha AI offers many useful and practical features. 

WordPress Plugin 

WordPress, the most widely used content management system, integrates the Bertha AI plugin, and you can easily access the tool in the dashboard. The plugin helps writers and business owners save time and energy and streamlines content creation. 

Moreover, the wordpress plugin will provide you access to SEO tips to rank higher and keyword suggestions. Therefore, you can use it as an SEO assistance and count on it. is also compatible with most page builders, such as Elementor, Divi, and Visual Composer. This will help you build your website. That’s when AMA (ask me anything) feature comes to help you write essential pages for your website, including About Us, Contact Us, and FAQs. 

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Marketing Copy 

Since Bertha Ai is essentially an AI content generator, you can rely on the tool to create copy and written content appropriate for emails, blogs, and landing pages. You can also summarize and rephrase any text or copy as a tool to avoid plagiarism or duplicated content

SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions 

This feature allows you to write head-turning titles and intriguing descriptions to improve SEO and ranking strategies. 

Content Writing 

As an AI content assistant, Bertha AI helps you write hundreds of words for product descriptions, blog posts, and captions for social media platforms and assists you in creating outstanding content for SEO ranking. You also can produce engaging and audience-focused content to promote your products and services and increase your conversion rate. 

Bertha AI Image Generator 

Bertha AI is not only a content writing assistant. You can also count on the Ai image generator of this tool. This feature enables you to create images with descriptions. You can also search for AI images to use for your project. 

Audio-to-text Convert 

This feature, accessible in the Chrome extension, enables you to convert voice to text. Therefore, you can use voice typing to create your content. 

Chat Tool 

The chat tool is the key to asking the content generator to write anything you want. It only takes a few lines of description regarding your topic and keywords. 

Chrome Extension 

Another prominent feature of Bertha AI is the Chrome extension it provides. It also integrates with WordPress as a plugin, so you can directly access the tool while writing and working with WordPress. 

How to Use Bertha AI Chrome Extension? 

First, download and activate the Bertha AI Chrome extension from the setting. 

Once the setting is done, the tool icon button appears on your page, allowing you to access its features. These features include Ask Me Anything, chat, templates to start writing, and an image generator.  

Use the chatbox to ask Bertha to write any post or description. 

Once it is done writing, you can add other elements, such as hashtags, or copy the text to the white page before you. It generates the content in only a few seconds. 

Edit the text according to what’s on your mind. YOu can also summarize and rephrase the text simply by asking Bertha AI. 

Save your copy and enjoy. 

Bertha AI pricing 

This tool offers two pricing plans that you can choose based on your requirements. Moreover, you can charge your account for 100 images for only $15 and increase the number of generated images as you go, as listed down below: 

  • 100 images for $15 
  • 500 images for $50 
  • 2000 images for $180
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Here is the Bertha ai pricing:

Bertha AI price

It’s worth mentioning that once you charge your account for images, there’s no time limit to use your account, and you can generate hundreds of images within a day or a year. 

Bertha AI Review: Pros and Cons 

Before choosing the Bertha AI copywriting tool, there are a few advantages and drawbacks you should consider: 


  • Compatible with the Yoast plugin 
  • Integration with WordPress 
  • Affordable prices
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Different pricing plans 
  • Chrome extension


  • Limited creativity 
  • Lack of outline 
  • Limited flexibility 

Bertha AI Alternatives: What Are the Options?

Although Bertha AI is a powerful tool and AI writing assistance, it’s always nice to know and keep other options in mind. Here, we briefly mention some of the best Bertha AI alternatives.

Jasper AI

As an AI writing tool, serves as a purposeful instrument that is designed to help content creators and copywriters, marketers, and enterprises produce outstanding content. Jasper AI offers many features and practical functions, beneficial for growing content and creating tons of blog posts at scale. Get more in-depth information in Review.

Jasper AI Pricing: starts at $49 a monthly.


With the help of Writesonic AI, businesses, marketers, and content creators can effectively high-quality blog posts, and other types of written content. The tool uses AI algorithms to generate outstanding content based on machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing). Its functioning is based on an intuitive user interface that that enables users to enter prompts. The tool also creates captivating headlines, various versions of emails, and snippets. To get a more comprehensive review, check out Writesonic Review.

Writesonic Pricing: starts at $16/month


Neuroflash AI is another popular AI writing assistance that creates captivating content, blog posts, and SEO-friendly content based on certain keywords. The tool offers features such as tone adjustment, outline generator, and social media captions. Learn more about its features on Neuroflash AI Review.

Neuroflash Pricing: starts at € 30/month


This tool is another cutting-edge writing platform that empowers content creators to produce SEO-optimized content through sophisticated algorithms. operating through a user-friendly interface, the tool streamlines the workflow and simplifies creating various types of content such as articles, ads, and product descriptions. Copysmith AI also excels at crafting compelling headlines, email drafts, and code snippets. Get a more in-depth look at its features in Copysmith AI Review. Pricing: starts at $228 annually

Bottom Line

Overall, Bertha AI content generator is a fantastic and feature-rich tool that can be considered a ChatGPT alternative. It offers many practical tools for writing exceptional content and product description. It can write you anything and amazes you with its capabilities. Moreover, it’s an easy-to-use and affordable tool that is definitely worth a try. 

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