Semrush Review 2023: All You Need To Know Now Before You Buy

Semrush is a SaaS-based platform and a popular all-in-one SEO tool in digital marketing. “SEM” stands for search engine marketing which Semrush tool is an expert on. Whether you are taking the first steps in your marketing journey or just dreaming of expanding your business, Semrush keyword research will be your right hand. Moreover, it’s considered one of the most practical Ahrefs alternatives and contains features other SEO tools may not provide. 

In this article, we will have a comprehensive Semrush review and look at its pricing for you to decide if it’s the right choice. Also, we will discuss the Semrush affiliate program later on. 

Table of Contents 

  • Semrush Features
  • How Reliable is Semrush Performance? 
  • How Much is Semrush Pricing? Is it Worth a try? 
  • An Overview of Semrush Pricing Plans and Features
  • How about a Semrush Free Trial?
  • Semrush Pricing vs Other SEO Tools
  • Semrush Pros and Cons; What Real Users Think About Semrush SEO Tool?

Semrush Review: Key Features

As a practical and beneficial SEO tool, Semrush covers almost every marketing field and offers various tools and features necessary for your business. Still, as you know, Search engine optimization is a vast field, and many Semrush alternatives might take over. Therefore, getting acquainted with Semrush features and familiarizing yourself with other SEO tools will help you find the best. In this Semrush review, we will elaborate on Semrush features, including its most recent updates. 

Semrush key features: 

Competitive research 

Semrush competitive research allows you to check your competitors’ domain authority and analyze their traffic. Also, you can search the keyword gap between your and other websites and take practical steps moving forward.  

Keyword Research 

Semrush keyword magic tool provides keyword research and analysis. This feature offers insights into your keyword planning and strategies and allows you to analyze your performance and compare it to your competitors. 

It also provides detailed data such as:

  • Search Volume 
  • Keyword Difficulty 
  • Competitive Density 
  • CPC Data and Analysis
  • Keyword Position Tracking
Semrush Keyword Research

Site Audit 

Technical SEO is critical in search engine optimization; a technical issue with your websites, such as broken links, no HTTPS security, and low upload speed, could be a negative point, as Google credits full-functional websites first and foremost. For that reason, the Semrush site audit tool provides the ability to check for possible technical problems impacting your website.     

Link-building is one of the significant parts of the SEO strategy. Semrush backlink checker allows the users to track and observe their competitors’ backlinks, identify the best sources for backlinks, and their domain authority for guest posts to expand their link-building.

Moreover, Semrush 2023 update includes a “Profile Insights” for users to gather comprehensive backlink data, including the backlink types, and recognize and rectify toxic and invalid backlinks to improve the ranking. 

Rank tracking 

SEO’s primary goal is top ranking. The Semrush rank tracking tool allows users to trace their website improvement over time regarding a specific keyword. Moreover, it enables users to monitor the general website ranking on Google.

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Competitors analysis 

Another key feature of the Semrush tool is that it enables users to observe their competitors, see how they rank, and check out their performance. You can see your competitors’ organic search rate and paid search strategies using this feature. 

Content marketing

A critical part of SEO is content marketing which includes creating and sharing relevant and valuable content based on a plan or strategy. In Semrush 2023 update, we see a new option as “Content Outline Builder”,; a content marketing tool that helps you plan and create compelling content and create perfect outlines for your blog posts. This Semrush feature is convenient for content writers and managers who aim to improve their blog posts or general on-page/off-page SEO. 

Social media marketing 

If your business runs through social media, this feature can assist you.  

You can track your competitors on social media, monitor your social media accounts, schedule posts, analyze posts and content and improve your performance.

Although, Semrush alternatives may offer other practical tools, many social media experts use Semrush for planning their strategy and performance analysis.


How Reliable is Semrush Performance? 

Now that you have enough knowledge about Semrush’s features, you should contemplate Semrush’s performance too, before purchasing it with possibly hefty prices, which is another point we will discuss later. In this Semrush review, the following factors are evaluated for Semrush’s performance reliability: 


One of Semrush’s strongest points is its quick responsiveness, allowing users to access data in no time. 

Semrush-performance-Speed-Semrush reveiw

Massive Database

Semrush SEO tool offers an enormous database that allows you to access over 20 billion keywords and more than 810 domains and comprehensively understand your competitors’ performance. The more extensive the database, the more accurate your analysis could get for running campaigns and improving your SEO. 

Integration and compatibility

Semrush provides extensive third-party integrations with existing workflow and processes, showing flexibility and compatibility. You can integrate Semrush with Google products such as Google Analytics and Search Console to improve your general performance and increase data accessibility. 

Semrush integrations: 

  • Yoast – WordPress Plugin
  • Writersonic – Content writer
  • Umbraco – CMS
  • Renderforest – Website builder and video marketing 
  • Wix – Website builder 
  • Quickblog – Blogging and content management 
  • Outranking – Content optimization 

Data Accuracy 

Since Semrush has a large database, it’s necessary to maintain the data up-to-date. As a result, Semrush updates the database regularly to ensure that the data it provides is valid and reliable. 

How Does Semrush Affiliate Program Work? 

Another popular Semrush feature is its affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can encourage clients to check out Semrush SEO tools via your affiliate link. 

This Semrush review  Semrush affiliate program: 

For each sale generated through your affiliate link, you will receive a 40% commission. Also, if your referrals purchase an annual subscription, SEMrush will pay 20% and a 40% commission for the initial payment via your provided link. 

The cookie lifespan for the Semrush affiliate program is 10 years; This implies that if someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases something within 10 years, you will receive a commission.

Moreover, Semrush compensates its Affiliates monthly via wire transfer or PayPal. The minimum payout level is $50. 

Also, the Semrush affiliate program contains promotional materials such as banners, text links, and custom leading pages. If you want to join this program, check out the Semrush affiliate platform and submit your application. 

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How Much is Semrush Pricing? Is it Worth a try? – An Unbiased Review 

One of the controversial topics amongst digital SEO experts is Semrush pricing, as it might be too expensive, especially for small businesses with limited resources. Still, its fans consider the Semrush cost worth it, according to their needs and online marketing strategy. If you are wondering whether to buy it or not, Semrush offers a free 7-day trial and a rare 30-day trial. Therefore, you can use the Semrush free trial to test the waters before you jump in and pay hundreds of dollars for a tool that may not be compatible with your plans.  Like other SEO tools, Semrush presents diverse pricing plans for different purposes, which you can choose according to your needs. Let’s have a glance. 

An Overview of Semrush Pricing Plans and Features

Several pricing options are available from Semrush based on the user’s needs and requirements. Semrush price plans are provided below:

Pro Plan: This Semrush plan is suitable for startups, Freelancers, and internal marketers on a tight budget. You can use this plan for up to five projects and 500 keywords to track using this plan. The Pro Plan has a monthly fee of  $119.95. 

The Guru Plan: It’s best for small and medium-sized businesses and includes features like branded reports and historical data. This plan also offers 15 projects and 1500 keywords to track and 30,000 results per report. The feature contains a content marketing toolkit, historical data, and multi-location and device tracking. The monthly cost for the Guru Plan is $229.95. 

The Business Plan: Semrush’s business plan suits organizations and companies with significant marketing requirements and offers features like white-label reports and API access. This plan allows you to run 40 projects and track about 5,000 keywords. Monthly fees for the business plan are $449.95. 

Semrush Pricing Plans Overview

How about a Semrush Free Trial?

As mentioned in this Semrush review, Samrush offers a free trial for new users, and they have access to all of the pro plan features during the 7-day free trial. You must register for an account on Semrush’s website and enter your payment details to receive the free trial. 

Please note that the trial period is free, and you can cancel at any moment before it finishes to avoid being charged for the subsequent month. Also, remember that each user or billing address is only eligible for the free trial once.

Semrush Pricing vs Other SEO Tools

As you may know, there are several Semrush competitors, and their pricing varies according to their features. One might provide detailed data for different search engines, whereas the other might present a wide range of valuable tools. If you plan to purchase an all-in-one SEO tool at a reasonable price, you should widen your knowledge of various tools to finalize your best choice. This Semrush review will compare Semrush pricing to other SEO tools. 


As an all-in-one SEO tool, Ahrefs offers features like he would research content and backlink analysis. It also provides keyword research for different search engines like YouTube and Amazon. 

So it might be more suitable for products-oriented businesses. Ahrefs pricing plans are as the following. 

  • $99 for the Lite plan 
  • $179 for the Standard plan
  • $399 for Advanced Plan 

There’s also an enterprise plan that costs $999, which is suitable for enterprises. 

Overall, Semrush vs Ahrefs is an argumentative subject for SEO experts. Still, Ahrefs provides practical tools at more affordable prices than Semrush pricing. However, it may have some restrictions that it’s best to consider before purchase.

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Moz Pro

As a Semrush competitor, Moz Pro is another well-known SEO tool with functions like backlink analysis, site auditing, and keyword research. Its pricing includes the following: 

  • Standard Plan at $99 per month 
  • Medium Plan at $179 
  • The Large Plan at $299
  • Premium Plan at $599 


Mangools offer keyword research, long-tail keywords, local keyword research, and competitive keyword analysis. It also has a 3-level plan which includes: 

The Basic Plan: This plan has a monthly cost of $29 or $229.90 annually. It offers 200 related keywords per search and 100 tracked keywords. 

Premium: This plan provides 500 keywords search per day, 700 related keywords per day, and 500 tracked keywords. This plan’s monthly cost is $44 and $289.20 annually. 

The Agency Plan: It costs $89 monthly and $70.90 annually. It offers 1,200 keyword lookups and unlimited keyword suggestions. 

So far, Kwfinder costs less than the other tools mentioned above, especially if you are taking the first step in your business.  


Like the other SEO tools, Ubersuggest provides 3 plans you choose based on your requirements. 

  • The Individual Plan is suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and you can manage one website using its tools. This plan costs $29 monthly, and you can get a 7-day free trial. 
  • The Business Plan fees are $49 monthly. It’s more practical for medium-sized businesses; you can also manage 4-7 websites with this plan. 
  • The Agency Plan is fit for large businesses and agencies and offers tools for managing over 8 websites. The monthly cost for this plan is $99. 

Ubersuggest claims its pricing is more affordable than its competitors, especially compared to Semrush. However, Semrush provides a more comprehensive analysis.

Semrush Pros and Cons; What Real Users Think About Semrush SEO Tool?

Samrush is regarded as a highly effective, feature-rich tool that offers thorough analysis. There are several Semrush reviews out there in which you can find users’ opinions. Real users who have been using it for different purposes believe it has some perfect qualities and some disadvantages. If you plan to buy this tool, it’s highly recommended to weigh the pros and cons of the Semrush SEO tool, which in the following we will mention. 


  • Provides an entire toolkit for SEO and internet marketing. 
  • Provides thorough keyword research and analysis. 
  • Provides search intent data. 
  • Gives pay-per-click data.
  • Enables easy access to competitive research and is very generous in sharing results compared to Semrush alternatives. 
  • It helps identify new opportunities and potential growth areas. 
  • Provides comprehensive details on backlinks and other important SEO metrics. 
  • Free trial. 


  • Restriction on subscription and limited accounts. 
  • Provides search data only from Google. 
  • Limited domain allowed compared to the pricing. 
  • Expensive add-ons. 
  • The user interface might be intimidating to navigate for newcomers.  

Is Semrush Worth the Investment for Businesses?

Let’s wrap up this Semrush review. Since Semrush is a Saas program, it updates its design and data to cover all the user’s needs and requirements. Although it offers comprehensive SEO tools and features that you may or may not use during your marketing journey, it might be pretty pricey.  Still, Semrush fans advocate for this tool for its detailed analysis and results. If you are not convinced about this tool, you can always choose Semrush alternatives.

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