Creaitor AI Review: Take the Power of AI Writing to the Next Level

Let’s be realistic; digital marketing and online business are growing with the speed of light, especially with tasks automation and AI tools that are making every manual and time-consuming task a piece of cake. Many AI-powered software are developed to automate marketing tasks and generate long engaging blog posts for websites and social media. Introducing Creaitor AI writing assistant, one of the mentioned AI tools, is a newly emerged AI content writing tool that offers interesting features to enhance your marketing efforts. This Creaitor AI review will cover its pricing, features, advantages and drawbacks.
Let’s dive in.

What Is Creaitor AI?

Being an AI writing software, it’s a good idea to first get to know the tool and how it works before we jump into the juicy parts like features and other users’ opinions.
Creaitor AI creates blog posts and ad copies by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to generate text that is grammatically correct and conveys a meaning to the reader.

Given that the tool uses AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning algorithms, it produces coherent text, relevant to your topic in only a few seconds.
Therefore, it’s an excellent tool for bloggers, copywriters, and marketing teams who need to create several social media posts, copies, and blog content to post on a regular basis. This will help them with streamlining the work process and accelerates the process of content creation, hence, more revenue.

What Is Creaitor AI Used for?

Creaitor AI writing assistant is a versatile tool with a major focus on visual and written content creation. With the help of this tool, creating tons of blog posts, ad copies, and even images for different purposes. You can create head-turning titles for your blogs and compelling copies, emails, and creative stories.
Another use of Creaitor AI is content improvement by rewriting your text based on the suggestion it provides.

Creaitor AI Core Features

From crafting compelling content to offering insights into content improvement, Creaitor AI offers many practical features to elevate and empower writers to create beneficial content. Here, we explore these features.

Blog Wizard

This feature enables you to create blog posts based on an image or an existing URL. You can also create blog posts step by step while the tool guides you through the process.
Moreover, in the working space, you have access to many writing tools including:

  • Blog Intro
  • Blog Body
  • Text Summarizer
  • Sports Reports
  • Short Story
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And more.

The software also offers a blog idea generator for when you find yourself out of ideas and blocked-creativity. Additionally, if you want to write a fictional or creative story, you can use the fictional story idea tool that the AI tool provides.
When using the blog posts workplace, you will be presented with SEO tools such as keyword analysis that provides data like keyword difficulty, SEO errors, and content readability. This additional feature, helps you enhance your writing and blog content, making it more SEO-optimized and easier to rank.

Digital Ad

This section is abundant with ad title generator including:

  • Facebook Ad title generator
  • Facebook Ad text
  • Google Ad text
  • Bing Ad text

And more.

You can also use this feature to generate captivating titles and copies for your ads in different platforms.


Creating a product description for e-commerce platforms may be challenging, but with the help of the AI writing assistant it’s easier than ever. The tool allows you to create Amazon, Shopify, and customized product description, as well as a product review.

SERP Beater

This feature is actually a small comprehensive keyword analysis tool that enables you to search a specific keyword. The tool conducts a keyword research and analysis containing higher ranking domains, their positions, content score displayed in colors, and description. The SERP beater is a handy feature that offers comprehensive data in a single frame. Once the keyword analysis is done, the tool takes you to the Editor which is a working space. This section includes SEO analysis, focus keyword field, and tools to improve your text.

Image Generator

The tool offers a robust AI image generator that creates outstanding images with diverse art style. All it takes is a short description of what you need AI to create and choose the mood, art style, texture, and a few other factors. This feature allows you to create all sorts of images for blog and social media posts according to the modification.

AI Assistant

Over 60 AI assistants are provided in that supply a wide variety of fields. You can choose your work category and the tool lists the features related to your work field.

Creaitor AI review: Pros and Cons

In the past few years, Ai tools have emerged to streamline a part of digital marketing to facilitate work and bring faster results. However, while they may be beneficial, they also bring some disadvantages too. Here, we explore pros and cons.


  • Free trial
  • User-friendly
  • SEO tools
  • AI image generator
  • Affordable price
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  • Lack of tone adjustment
  • May lack accuracy

Creaitor AI Pricing

The tool provides a variety of pricing plans that include a wide range of features that align with companies of all sizes, meeting their unique needs. Creaitor pricing plans are mentioned below.

Basic: $9/month

  • Characters per month: 100’000
  • Users: 1
  • Content: Good
  • 70+ AI Assistants
  • 40+ Languages
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Documents

Standard: $29/month

Basic features plus:

  • Translation form
  • SEO capabilities

Professional: $59/month

  • Unlimited features

It’s noteworthy that all plans come with a 3-day free trial giving you full access to all the features.

Creaitor AI Alternatives: What Are the Other Options?

So far we know this tool is a powerful tool with many features. While it’s a practical AI writing assistant and Ai image generator, it’s better to consider other options for the time of need. Here, we explore two of the best Creaitor AI alternatives.

Copy AI is a robust AI writing generator based on machine learning and NLP algorithms. With the help of this tool, you can generate different types of content such as headlines, blog posts, social media captions, and emails. It offers features like ad copies, landing page copies and more. To compare Creaitor Ai vs, the latter provides tone adjustment while Creaitor ai offers in-house AI image generator. This feature makes the tool more versatile.

Learn more about and its features.

This is another AI writing assistant that leverages the power of AI and natural language processing (NLP) to generate outstanding content and copies. It offers a diversity of writing styles and tones to best describe your brand’s identity. The tool also offers SEO optimization features to increase visibility.

Check out review.


Overall, Creaitor Ai is a multifaceted AI tool that provides many functional features that suit basic and important needs and requirements. With the SEO tools, you can ensure the content you write is optimized to rank. All the Creaitor Ai features come at a very affordable price, making it worth a try.


What is Creaitor AI?

Creaitor AI is a cutting-edge AI writing assistant that offers features like SEO tools, editor, AI image generator and more.

What is Creaitor Ai used for?

Generally, Creaitor AI is a writing assistant. Users can create all kinds of written content including ad copies, and blog posts, and social media captions. It’s also used as an AI image generator with a diverse art style.

How much does Creaitor AI cost?
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